From Concept To Completion

$29.00 USD

  • Learn how to style, pose and photograph live newborns from concept to completion.
  • 30 instructional videos with over 3-hours of content!
  • Online access any time/go at your pace
  • All six sets are taught in detail from initial concept to the completion of the final image.
  • Prop setup, newborn wrapping, posing, photographing and post-processing (in Lightroom and Photoshop)

What People Are Saying:

“This gorgeous workshop by Tracy Sweeney is such a fantastic find! She covers her techniques from start to finish including her thought process in picking her props and it is awesome to see her in her element- soothing, posing and designing gorgeous sets. Tracy breaks the material down into manageable sections that keep me engaged and helps me also choose what I want to master first. For each baby there are sections on her prop setup, wrapping, posing, and editing. She even covers the holy grail of newborn photography- twins! My favorite part is seeing how she achieves her beautifully rich colors- something that is so unique and difficult to get right! This class is a great way to get an introduction to newborn photography OR refine the skills you already have. Such a great investment into your newborn education!”

Alison Winterroth Photography

“Tracy of Elan Studio simplifies the process of crafting beautifully detailed newborn artwork in this course series. She does so in an information rich, yet easy to understand format. Every industry secret is generously spilled in these videos! I love being walked through Tracy’s step-by-step process with full explanations and detailed visuals. It’s very helpful not only seeing the behind the scenes of what Tracy does, but also hearing the reasoning behind her actions. Everything is completely broken down and simplified in an easy to learn format. To get inside such a talented artists head is priceless. Most courses in the newborn industry just show you a visual of the action, they don’t explain in FULL DETAIL the WHY which is EXACTLY WHY these videos are a GOLDMINE. If you’re looking for an all encompasing class - THIS IS IT! You won’t need any other posing, wrapping, editing, or newborn workshop videos after this class! I enjoyed listening to Tracy’s information on not only what lenses she uses but also the explanation behind her equipment and how it can effect an image depending upon the look she is going for. Her soothing technique video is pure gold too and the best of industry secrets. Tracy’s posing is very straightward but most importantly safe! I consider myself advanced when it comes to editing and even Tracy taught me new tricks in EVERY one of her editing videos. In newborn photography, every detail matters and attention to detail can make or break your work! From Tracy’s attention to detail in her creative set concepts all the way through to her editing creations, she will walk and talk you through every step to get that rich detail that is so saught after in the newborn photography industry. From her styling to her editing, every piece of her sessions are a true work of art. Tracy not only equisitely pays attention to details in this course series but is a wealth of knowledge and holds no secrets back! This detail intensive course will completely TRANSFORM your work, from start to finish! It doesn’t matter if you’re new to the industry or a seasoned pro looking to refine your skill set, this all-inclusive course has something for everyone looking to craft gorgeously styled newborn portriature that seperates your work! Tracy, I am so thankful for this course and your generosity with your wealth knowledge!! It is truly unlike any class I have ever purchased before! THANK YOU for creating this. To those on the fence of purchasing- this course is hands down the best investment available for your newborn session success!”

Marina LaBaff owner of Lavender Lullabies Photo Boutique

“What an incredible workshop! As an aspiring newborn photographer, this was exactly what I have been looking for! Its like getting a VIP pass into one of the best newborn studios in the country! Watching how Tracy works you quickly see what a master she is of her craft. From her choice of colors, props, and wraps to her baby-whispering skills, her camera settings and then of course her amazing editing- she holds nothing back! I learned so many new tips and tricks- I can’t wait to use them at my next newborn shoot! I love how the workshop was sequenced into short, easy to digest videos. It will make going back into them for future reference a breeze! I am leaving this workshop with so much valuable information, and new inspiration for my next shoots! Thank you Tracy for so generously sharing your knowledge, experience, and artistry. This workshop is pure gold!”

Christine Diorio Photography

“Thank you for creating such an amazing course for newborn photographers! If you’re looking to incorporate unique and colorful setups into your newborn work, this is definitely worth the investment. Tracy’s personality is very approachable & easy, and she makes you feel as if you were right in the studio with her assisting with each setup. This makes it easy for to translate what you’ve learned into your own work because you’ve now seen every element of the setup from concept to creation. Within the course portal, I love that the layout is user-friendly and intuitive with color coded setups/poses that each include the same workflow through the videos — prop setup, wrapping, posing, photographing, and editing. Although there are a lot of videos, the videos are short & sweet, which makes it easy to watch them at your own pace. My favorite section was the editing portion of the videos, and this was the first tutorial I’ve watched where it was clearly explained and shown how to use frequency separation in Photoshop. I loved learning all of Tracy’s editing tricks and shortcuts, and I’m looking forward to applying some of those to my own work now. I also really enjoyed watching the setups be created from the ground up — they are filled with so many ideas to incorporate color & texture into your studio work! This was such a helpful course and I can’t wait to implement all that I learned! Thank you!!”

Nicole Starr Photography

“A fantastic, well structured course allowing you to progress at your own pace. If you are thinking about venturing into the world of newborn portraiture, then this is definitely one for you. I loved that the course started with handy hints and tips and Tracy’s teaching style is very friendly and personable. You’ll also find such generous advice to get you started - what’s not to love? There are six set ups, including a beautiful twin arrangement and I was literally walked through everything from prop set up, wrapping, posing, shooting and extremely detailed guidance on Tracy’s editing plan. This part for me was extremely valuable. Thank you Tracy - I enjoyed every minute. ”

Amanda Powell Photography

“Tracy, just took your newborn completion course.I want to thank you so much for your passion and willingness to teach others. I love how I feel every time I take any course of yours. I go in feeling dejected and defeated and come out with so much confidence as a person and a photographer. You always amaze me and I love learning from you. Thank you for sharing everything you know.”

Lorella Bloomer-Owner of Enchanted Whispers Photography

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