Photography Course Offerings

From Concept to Completion: Newborn Portraiture

Online newborn portraiture course with International Award Winning Photographer Tracy Sweeney of Elan Studio. 30 Instructional Videos with over 3 hours of content to simplify the newborn photography process from start to finish!


Family Photography: The Art of Storytelling

Learn how to cultivate beautiful memories for your client families! Join Tracy Sweeney as she shares her years of experience as a family photographer to help you prepare for success in this business.


Littles and Light: Let Them Shine

There is light within us all, and the light of a child is the most radiant. In this breakout course offered through Click + Co. Tracy Sweeney of Elan Studio takes you on a dazzling journey exploring Littles and Light, showing you how she documents children in all their natural brilliance in outdoor settings to create dreamy images.


Newborn Photography Master Class

Filmed on location in Tracy's studio, this masterclass will take you through the complete process of photographing newborns. Starting with methods to keep babies warm and safe, it moves to photography techniques, set designs, lighting aesthetics and post-production.


Behind the Scenes 2018

In this Breakout you’ll go behind the scenes with five photographers to see how they make extraordinary photographs with ordinary locations and light! In over ten hours of video, you’ll see how Tracy Sweeney, Anna Aromin, Catherine Lubbat, Mickie DeVries, and Sophia Costa create images from start to finish.


Proven Techniques for Repeat Business

Ignite more enthusiasm in your photography business! Join Tracy Sweeney as she shares time tested and proven techniques to help you create a sustainable business with repeat clients.


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